1. Money is Over

It didn’t matter if it was good
It only mattered that it started. That it felt as though we would never stop
listen to this:
And soon a thousand of us were chanting the same broken words in one unified voice
And it echoed and waned through blocks of deserted streets.

2. Obey Laws

Leverage your dower to answer their asks,
shift the needle, synergize the paradigm

3. Gnosis

engage your brand, maximise your performance.

listen to this:

“I can’t fucking care for other people when it’s so hard trying to care for me”

There, I said it. Now we have no choice but to let it hang in the air

and watch it rust

Watch me create something about not creating.
Let’s call it ‘meta’.
Let’s call it ‘art’ when it’s marketing.
Let’s call it ‘merch’ because it tastes better than merchandise.

wait ten seconds.


4. Edith Keeler